Cycle Accident

Get Back on the Road with Confidence CAMS & Aztecs Bikes Partnership dedicated to getting you back on your bike as quickly as possible.

Cyclist on the road after a cycling accident

Cycle Accident

Get Back on the Road with Confidence CAMS & Aztecs Bikes Partnership dedicated to getting you back on your bike as quickly as possible.

Your Safety, Our Priority: Navigating Cycling Accidents Together"

A story from one of our customers struck a chord with us. He faced a cycling accident a month before telling us and, due to limited knowledge about post-accident actions, is now burdened with the full financial impact. This is not an isolated incident; it’s more common than you’d think.
CAMS, in partnership with Aztec’s Bikes, we’re dedicated to offering seamless support and expertise at every stage of your cycling journey, especially in times of need.

  • Swift Bike Repair or Replacement

    Experience minimal downtime with prompt repair and replacement services. With Aztec's Bikes by your side, rest assured that your bike will be road-ready in no time, thanks to our collaborative efforts.

  • Upfront Coverage for Essentials

    Facing immediate financial concerns post-accident? CAMS provides upfront coverage for repairs, helmets, and cycling attire, while Aztec's Bikes ensures that all your equipment needs are met swiftly and efficiently.

  • Access to Expert Legal Minds

    Navigating the legal aspects of a cycling accident can be complex. That’s where CAMS comes in, offering access to a network of experienced solicitors specialising in cycling accidents, complemented by the local support and assistance from Aztec's Bikes.

  • All-Encompassing Compensation Approach

    CAMS and Aztec's Bikes stand together as your allies, ensuring you reclaim every loss from missed wages to personal effects. Our joint commitment guarantees a thorough and fair compensation process.

CAMS' Pivotal Role in Legal Support, Backed by Aztec's Bikes

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Championing Your Rights

With specialised legal advocates from CAMS and the ongoing support from Aztec's Bikes, your rights as a cyclist are vigorously defended and upheld.

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Enhancing Compensation Prospects

Partnering with CAMS amplifies your chances of securing fair compensation, with Aztec's Bikes providing the necessary local support and guidance.

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Expert Legal Navigation:

The journey through legal proceedings is smoother with CAMS' expertise and Aztec's Bikes' local knowledge and assistance.

Aztec's Bikes Your Constant Companion in the Journey

Aztec’s Bikes will be with you every step of the way. From the moment an incident occurs to the final resolution, our team is committed to providing support, advice, and practical help, ensuring you feel supported and confident throughout your recovery and beyond.


Have questions or need assistance? Visit us at Aztec's Bikes, 4 Corsican Square, E3 3XS, London, or reach out at You can also contact directly CAMS. We're here to help you every pedal of the way.