Cycle to Work

Learn about the Cycle to Work Scheme and how it can benefit you at Aztecs Bikes. Find the perfect bike and accessories for your commute and take advantage of tax savings.

Cycle to Work

Learn about the Cycle to Work Scheme and how it can benefit you at Aztecs Bikes. Find the perfect bike for your commute and take advantage of tax savings.

Cycle to Work Scheme: Affordable Commuting with Aztecs Bikes

What exactly is the "cycle to work" scheme?

If you’re looking for a new bicycle and/or cycling accessories, the cycle to work initiative offers an innovative approach and help you save 25-39% on a new bike for work. This program functions through a mechanism known as “salary sacrifice” where you agree to use part of your salary to get them. This comes from your pre-tax income, meaning you pay less Income Tax and National Insurance nor interest fees.


step 01

Get a Quotation from us

Choose your desired bikes and accessories with us to get a quotation. We will guide you for every step.

step 02

Provide Quotation to your Employer

Share the quotation with your employer to generate a voucher for the appropriate amount.

step 03

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Sign the Agreement

Sign an agreement with both the Cycle Scheme Provider and your company to formalise the process.

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Notify Us

Once your voucher is ready, inform us, so we can proceed to order your bike or prepare it for you.

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Bike Collection

You'll receive a notification when your bike is ready for collection. Remember to bring your photo ID for verification.

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Redeem Voucher

After collecting your bike, we'll redeem your voucher for payment.

step 07

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Start Riding

Begin enjoying your new bike! And remember, after 6 weeks, come back for a free check-up.


Choose your desired bikes and accessories from us and receive a quotation

Black and Red Folding Bike

Just a bike

A bike and accessories

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Just accessories

Use our calculator to check how much you can save 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can choose from various items to support your cycling commute. This includes different types of bikes, e-bikes, and cycles with at least two wheels.
There are three package options available:

  • Just a bike
  • A bike and accessories
  • Just accessories

Exceptions to the scheme include GPS ride trackers, navigation devices, bike racks for cars, cameras, turbo trainers or rollers, gift cards, nutritional products/foodstuffs, power meters, and headphones. However, the majority of cycling-related items are allowable.

The cycle to work scheme doesn’t come with a strict spending limit. This flexibility ensures that riders can choose the most suitable bike to enhance their commute. While many employers offer schemes without spending limits, it might occasionally occur at the discretion of the employer.

You can achieve savings by purchasing the bike and/or accessories directly from your gross salary before taxes. This reduces your taxable income, resulting in lower income tax and national insurance payments (check the calculator to check how much you can save).

After placing your order, the approval process for your certificate usually takes around 24 hours, though occasionally it might take a bit longer. The process is generally smooth, but we need confirmation from Cycle Scheme before preparing your new gear for you.

You can apply for a Cycle Scheme certificate once every 12 months, in accordance with your employer’s policy, and go ahead with either a new bike, just accessories or bike and accessories, it is also possible to get parts for repairing your bike but the labour cannot be included.

You can order up to two bikes on a single certificate, as long as both bikes are for your personal use and intended for commuting.

Simple answer: No, daily commuting is not mandatory.
Technical answer: While you are not required to commute daily by bike, the primary use of the bike and/or accessories should be for commuting to work. At least 50% of the bike and/or accessories usage should be for work-related purposes. While the bike and accessories can also be used for non-work purposes, there’s no need to keep track of your journeys. Please note that you cannot claim business mileage allowance when using a bike provided by your employer.

An ownership fee is a cost incurred at the end of your Hire Period if you wish to keep the bike. Opting for the ‘Own it later’ option, which involves a refundable deposit, is recommended for the best savings. There are three ownership options:

  • Own it later: Pay a small refundable deposit (3% or 7% of your certificate value), use the equipment for 3 years, and at the end of the period, ownership is transferred to you.
  • Own it now: Pay the market value (18% or 25% of the Certificate value) to own the package.
  • Return: Return the package to Cyclescheme at your own cost and pay no ownership fee.

If you leave employment or are made redundant, any remaining salary sacrifice repayments will be deducted from your final NET salary. This is because you’re no longer eligible for the tax saving, as you won’t be commuting to your original workplace. Depending on the situation, you might still be liable for your ownership payment, but we may waive it if certain conditions are met. Please note that agreements cannot be transferred between employers.


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daryl watts
daryl watts
11 May 2024
great job by lorenzo, will deffo be my first stop bike shop going forward 👍
Claire Herbert
Claire Herbert
6 May 2024
Amazing service thank you so much!
Amy Taggart
Amy Taggart
4 May 2024
Aztecs Bikes has been my go to since I moved to Bow! Marco is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what he does😊 Highly recommended!
Dimitri Gomiero
Dimitri Gomiero
2 May 2024
Honest and sensible advice, great service!
Chloë Wennersten
Chloë Wennersten
1 May 2024
I am so glad to have found Aztecs Bikes — Marco is brilliant! I ordered a Genesis Croix de Fer 40 through my cycle to work scheme and he was very helpful and responsive in guiding me through the process. Marco is also incredibly knowledgable and was really generous with his time when I went to pick the bike up, explaining how I can get the best out of it and how I should care for it, and helping me with some follow-up questions. It’s my dream bike — absolutely amazing to ride and I couldn’t be happier. I will be using Aztecs Bikes for all my biking needs from here on!
Gabriela Beck
Gabriela Beck
25 April 2024
Great service, fair price and lovely people.
Bethan Jones
Bethan Jones
23 April 2024
Had a great experience at Aztecs Bikes! Marco has been so helpful and honest about the best thing for my bike. They also took delivery of my new bike and were very responsive and quick to sort everything out for me! I would 100% recommend to anyone who is looking for a bike repair shop they can trust 🙂
Helena Teixeira
Helena Teixeira
21 April 2024
Amazing service! My bike was in a rough state and it was returned by Marco completely brand new. Highly recommend!
21 April 2024
These guys are unfailingly helpful and friendly. They do good work at a reasonable price. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Special thanks to Lorenzo for the job carried out on my bicycle and to Marco for his unlimited knowledge.
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson
16 April 2024
Marco is not only a great mechanic but a gent as well! He is honest and doesn’t look to make you pay for stuff you don’t need. He even helped answer some questions I had on bike repairs that saved me a further trip to the shop! Would highly recommend.