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Find, Fix
& Repair Bikes
Bow, E3


Bicycles are our work,

but also our passion 

Shop opening soon...

We are delighted to announce that we will open our shop soon at E3 3XS, London. 

One minute from Devons Road DLR Station.

In the mean time, find us 3 min from there at E3 3NU, our home where everything started.



We don’t want to rip you off, we want you to be safe on your bike, please book a free check-up so we can talk you through with the different options according your needs
  • Tour de France for £120
 “La crème de la crème” for your bike
A full pampering for your bike. Cover more jobs such as key points like the hubs, bottom brackets and headset bearings. New chain, cassette and brakes will be at extra costs.

  • La Vuelta for £80
The most popular service
All the jobs from the Giro service but it will cover full cleaning on your drive train (eg: gears). On this level, service will include fresh cables for your gears and brakes. If you need new chain, cassette and brakes etc, it will be at extra costs.

  • Giro for £30
Safety check for your bike for £30 

We will make a full inspection on the frame, adjust your gears and brakes and make sure your bike is safe to ride. Keep on mind that if parts are worn-out, we cannot be able to adjust it and you will need the next level-up (La Vuelta Service).

Stand Alone Service

  • Punctures (including inner tubes) for £15
  • Brompton rear (including inner tub) for £22
  • Basic Bike Fitting from £30
  • Bicycle damage report for insurers for £30
  • Bike building for £30
  • Hydraulic brake bleed for £25 (each)

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