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About us

It started in our living room…

At the start of 2020, I was working for Cycle Republic which announced it was closing down – just before the pandemic began.

Although I managed to find a new job, my streak of bad luck continued, and in the following months, I was let go from the next two jobs I secured. Losing my job three times during the past year has been a big source of stress for our family – particularly during COVID-19.

“Failure is a great teacher”, and in my case, it forced me to reflect. I wanted to continue building my career, so, I took a risk. I got my Cytech Level 2 qualification, and decided to set up my own business.

And that’s how, from our living room, we created Aztec’s Bikes.

Cycling is so much more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. There are so many physical, mental and environmental benefits of cycling. 

It’s also about community. Whether it’s a local road cycling club, a commuter group who cycle to work, or simply taking the kids to the park to ride, cycling brings people together and we want to champion this.

Our shop is open!

With bikes all over the house, we decided to open up our own shop in between Stratford and Canary Wharf more specifically Devon Road, London (E3 3XS).

We have been looking for it since the end of 2020 and finally openened just before Christmas 2021.

We’d like to help other like-minded businesses by offering the opportunity for other local small businesses to feature their products in our shop.

We want to share this challenging adventure with you on our blog very soon…

The Dream Team



Owner & Bike Mechanic

If he tells you that he is not passionate about bikes, don’t believe him! Bikes hold no secrets for him!



Cashier & Hub Service Specialist

She will be more than happy to take your payments! She also loves to help her dad to clean bikes and do hub service.



Owner & Accountant

There is no good business without a good accountant. She takes care of all the administrative and financial aspects of the shop.